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Teddy Bear Male ID# CM220

Teddy Bear Female ID# CM22

The Teddy Bear dog is a cross of Shih Tzu (“The Lion Dog” in Chinese) and Bichon Frise, (“Curly Lap Dog” in French). The Teddy Bear dogs are small and fluffy. They have a brown or black colored coat and endearing expressions in their eyes that make them simply adorable.

Teddy Bear dogs do not shed hair as much as other breeds and are not susceptible to allergies. Teddy Bear dogs are of a small size making them a perfect choice for a forever home in an apartment, where the size of a dog matters a lot.

Teddy Bear dogs need regular exercise such as a walk in the park; however, these dogs tends to tire easily after spending their energy in a short period. A harness is highly recommended over a collar, since this breed has a small, weak trachea which a collar may flatten and cause an untimely death.

A Teddy Bear Dog can be carried in your hands after exercise time on the way back to your home as these dogs as an adult weigh between 7 and 10 pounds.