Puppyadoptnj.com is a New Jersey based puppy adoption center where we adopt out puppies that have previously been for sale in puppy stores, and have gotten a little too big or old to be sold in a puppy store.

These puppies and ones just like them are sold in puppy stores for anywhere from $1000 to $1800.00.

Through this unique web based puppy adoption center you can adopt these puppies for a low adoption fee of $300.00 to $499.00 to cover the cost of veterinary services, grooming, and upkeep that have been provided to these lovable, adorable puppies.

Every adoptable puppy on our website has had a total and comprehensive physical exam by a New Jersey licensed veterinarian, and has been dewormed and has had several rounds of puppy vaccines if not all.

Our puppy adoption service is totally unique in that every puppy offered for adoption is a puppy that has never been owned by any family or individual, but rather has only been previously for sale in a pet store. However these pups have been well socialized by our staff to both humans and other dogs, and are truly ready to go to their new forever homes.

The advantage to this type of an adoption is that these puppies have never been abused or neglected, and do not have the personality defects of other dogs that have suffered cruelty by humans and because of it have the potential of turning on or biting their new owner and or family members.

Finally, here at puppyadoptnj.com we are committed to making the perfect match. While we do greatly desire for each and every one of these puppies to be adopted, we do not want it to be the wrong situation for the owner or the puppy, and thus have the puppy eventually end up either being given away and shuffled from home to home or even worse taken to a shelter.

We take the time to carefully review all applications and do our best to match the applicant with what we hope will be the perfect puppy for them.
We look forward to finding the perfect adorable puppy for you!